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    Gardening Equipment
We offer our clients a wide range gardening equipment such as garden roller, hedge trimmer, long reach hedge trimmer, pole pruner, chain saw, vacuum shredder, gang mower, earth auger, wheel types lawn mower, power lawn mower, electric lawn mower, light electric lawn mowers, roller type lawn mower, tractor driven lawn mower, ride on lawn mower, rotary slasher, brush cutter and clearing saw. These equipment are light in weight therefore easy to handle and operate.
  Brush Cutter/Clearing Saw

Brush cutters and clearing saws from STIHL are true specialists for difficult terrain. They get to work where your any type of lawn mowers give up. Whether doing mowing and clearing jobs at home, thinning overgrown areas or carrying out tough maintenance work on steep slopes – with their high-performance engines and sophisticated practical features, these powerful experts are equal to any challenge. The wide range of STIHL products provides the right tool for any job – from light brush cutters with petrol or electric drive, to extra powerful clearing saws for professional forestry use. Choose the right tool from the various performance classes depending on your particular requirements. Fit it with the appropriate cutting tool – and you’re ready to go.

  Hedge Trimmer

The STIHL hedge trimmers are specially designed for use in park and landscape maintenance, as well as for large private estates. With their considerably longer reach, the special-purpose hedge trimmers ideally complement the classical hedge trimmers. With the STIHL pole pruners, branches can be conveniently cut back without leaving the safety of the ground.

  Long Reach Hedge Trimmer

We offer long reach hedge trimmer. With the extended length hedge trimmers from STIHL, you can whip high or particularly wide hedges into shape without the need for scaffolding. This is thanks to the adjustable shaft and the pivoting cutter bar. Work with a harness and conserve your energy. If you need even more performance and drive, we offer extra powerful extended length hedge trimmers featuring the STIHL 4-MIX engine.

  Pole Pruner

Where the demands of a job are particularly high, STIHL pole pruners demonstrate their true magnitude. Because when it comes to maintaining orchards and thinning out shrubs and bushes, these tools are ideal for treetop work. Depending on the model, they make it easy to cut branches up to 5 m above your position on the ground. When working in built-up areas or noise-sensitive environments, our electric HTE 60 pole pruner is particularly quiet.

  Chain Saw

Where the demands of a job are particularly high, STIHL pole pruners demonstrate their true magnitude. Because when it comes to maintaining orchards and thinning out shrubs and bushes, these tools are ideal for treetop work. Depending on the model, they make it easy to cut branches up to 5 m above your position on the ground. When working in built-up areas or noise-sensitive environments, our electric HTE 60 pole pruner is particularly quiet.

  Vacuum Shredder

The vacuum shredders from STIHL pick up immense volumes of fallen leaves, cut grass and trimmings and simultaneously shred them. Reduce to less than 10% of the original volume, the organic material can be used directly for composting or mulching. But that is not all, standard accessories turn the vacuum shredder into a powerful blower.

  Gang Mower

The ganging frames have a common unit frame- The Framework is so designed that there are no upward projections, thus enabling the mowers to run under low hanging trees etc. and cut grass will not adhere to choke the mowers

Chassis: Unbreakable, Reinforced steel, Firmly braced by axle and bottom block assembly

Transmission: The cylinder is driven at both ends from road wheels through hardened steel machined cut gears, totally enclosed in OIL BATH and ratchet drive to facilitate turning. Clutches fitted enables the cylinder to be taken out of gear and helps in transportation

Gear Drive Type: All gears are fitted with bearing for longer life

Cutting Cylinder: Blades running on heavy duty ball bearings

Cutting Ratio: 1. at 08Kph 1.0 Acre per hour / unit 2. At 08Kph 3.0 Acres per hour / 3 unit 3. At 10Kph 1.4 Acres per hour/ unit 4. At 10Kph 4.2 Acres per hour/3 unit. 5. At 16Kph 2.0 Acres per hour / unit 6. At 16Kph 6.0 Acres per hour / 3 unit

Cutting Width: 1. 1 unit - 76 cm (2ft 6in) 2. 3 unit-2.10m ( 7ft 0in )

Overall Width:  5. 1 unit -1 22m (4ft 0in) 6. 3 unit-2.59m ( 8ft 6in)

Overall Length: 1. 1 unit - 81 cm (2ft 8in) 2. 3 unit-2.59m ( 8ft 6in)

Clutch: A Clutch is fitted to each gearbox to engage the drive to the cutting cylinder Carriages: Unbreakable

Adjustment: Cutting height can be adjusted from 1/2 to 8 Inches

Rear-Roll: Running on bearings on both sides

Wheels (classic): Pressed steel studded wheels Specially fitted with double ball bearings.

Paint: Powder coated / Liquid Painted

Cutting Speed Recommended: Depending upon the ground conditions, between 8-16 Kmph where conditions are not so good it is recommended to reduce the speed to 5-8 Kmph. These are widely used for cutting large areas as public parks, playing fields and golf grounds.

  Earth Auger

One man, one field and one big mission to be completed alone – to bore holes up to 20 cm in diameter into the earth or take soil samples. This is possible with the STHIL bt 121 one-man earth auger. It is the only earth auger in the world to feature a quick stop drill brake including a release lever. If the drill jams in the ground, the release lever turns towards the operator's thigh. The power flow from the engine unit to the drill is interrupted and the earth auger stops immediately.

  Wheel Types Lawn Mower

This is the simplest manual Lawn Mowers, which can easily be handled & operated by a single person.
Six hardened steel blades cutting cylinder in which all the blades are properly sharpen.

Special alloy steel hardened bent bottom blade.

Side wheels are covered with special non-skid tyres.

Body made of heavy cast iron frame.

Sizes available: 12", 14" & 16".

  Power Lawn Mower

We offer diesel engine operated power lawn mower. this is the most preferred & best performing lawn mower for big lawns.

Fitted with 4.8/5HP engine of greaves or ELGI.
Specially designed spring loaded clutch drives the mower.
Two non-skid heavy roller fitted with suitable rachurd system for easy operation which also levels the ground.
Cutting cylinder made of specifically made carbon steel.
Bottom blade made up of specially bent alloy steel.
It can be equipped with 2- 12 Volt light for working in night.
Suitable chain & gear system.
Equipped with a complete tool kit with a tool box.
Sizes available: 20" & 24" power Lawn Mower available.
Having cogged belt.

  Electric Lawn Mower

This is heavy duty electric lawn mower fitted with 2HP /3HP single phase crompton greaves motor for big lawns.

Heavy back roller which also levels the ground.
Back roller is fitted with suitable rachurd system for easy running.
Steel handle fitted with rubber grips.
Front roller made of MS Pipe with bearing.
Equipped with complete tool kit with a tool box.
Sizes available: 20" & 24"

  Light Electric Lawn Mower

As the name suggests, it is light electric lawn mower fitted with 1HP single phase motor is far superior than manual roller type lawn mower & suitable for mid-segment lawns.

 Specially designed body frame for smooth functioning & unique clutch for its operation. (Optional)
Speedy coverage of work & fitted with 1HP Crompton Greaves Motor.
Sizes available: 16" & 18"

  Roller Type Lawn Mower

We offer roller type lawn mower equipped with cast iron back rollers on the back which drives the cutting cylinder through gear & chain.


Body made of H. R. Sheet.
Properly aligned gear & chain for even cutting of grass & smooth running of mower.
Back Roller for light mowing of mower.
Cutting Cylinder made of six hardened steel blades, all the blades are properly sharpen.
 Bottom Blade made of special alloy steel.
Sizes available: 12", 14", 16", 18", 20" & 24"

  Tractor Driven Lawn Mower

This is a special heavy duty power tiller / tractor driven lawn mower. Ideal for large lawns, golf courses, corporation gardens, schools and hospital lawn etc. It is easy to operate and is provided with a grass box and driver seat.


Heavy duty frame made of M.S. sheet.
2 Nos. rubber moulded side wheel with a provision of power transmission system and letting off device.
2 Pes. oil immersed gear boxes made of tempered high carbon steel.
8 Pc. ball bearing for power transmission.
Seating arrangement with hitch and grass box made of M.S. Sheet
Cutting cylinder of 7 Pc. high carbon steel blade.

 Rotary Electric Lawn Mower

Rotary electric lawn mowers works on the same mechanism just like rotary petrol lawn mower. They are fitted with blade that rotates on a vertical axis. They can handle much hard to soft cutting requirements. The only difference between the two is the energy being utilized by them for their working. As against rotary Petrol Lawn Mower that uses petrol to power its machine, rotary electric lawn mower uses electricity to run its engine. Rotary Electric Lawn Mowers are further available in two versions i.e. corded rotary electric lawn mower and cordless Rotary Electric Lawn Mower. Rotary Electric Lawn Mowers are relatively less noisy when compared to petrol driven rotary lawn mowers. They produce less than 75 decibels of sound which makes them quiet.

We supply a powerful electric rotary lawn mower that is procured from some of the most renowned vendors in the international market. Our Rotary Electric Lawn Mower is powered by quiet running, low maintenance and fuel efficient electric motor which come along with dead man switch that stops the motor when it is not in use. This makes the Rotary Electric Lawn Mower much safer. Our product is characterized for efficient and reliable results in trimming and cutting lawns. They are widely used in places with medium sized lawns like small parks, sport academies and schools. 
Some of the features include:

  • Our product is capable to attain high quality cut and can handle efficient collection activity thereby saving time and energy
  • Our products are fitted with corrosion free blades and high performing engines
  • Rotary Electric Lawn Mower gives clean and safe cutting of lawn
 Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower

Maintaining gardens at home or in parks, hotels, hospitals and business houses becomes difficult without enough efficient gardening machines. One such equipment is a lawn mower. Lawn mower is equipment that uses a revolving blade to cut grass at even length while a lawn mower with a blade that rotates on vertical axis is called a rotary mower. Rotary lawn mowers are motorized by in-housed combustion engines that run on petrol. Rotary petrol lawn mowers are ideal for rougher cut, but with advancement in technology, rotary petrol lawn mower to handle formal stripped cut are also available.

We are well known distributor of rotary petrol lawn mower that are designed to match different requirements. We believe in quality and so we deliver products that can give clean results and are safe and comfortable to use. Petrol is used by our rotary lawn mowers as fuel. Our Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower is a versatile machine and it symbolizes value for money because it is a great combination of cutting, collecting and discharging. With the help of our Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower, one can efficiently maintain a large garden. 
Some of the features of our Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower include:

  • Our machines are fitted with premium grade corrosion free blades and a heavy duty engine that is fuel efficient
  • Rotary Petrol Lawn Mower supplied by us is durable and sturdy
  • We timely deliver our products at quite competitive rate
  Ride On Lawn Mower

We offer a wide range of ride on lawn mowers that are provided with 21HP V twin briggs & stratton engine for a cutting width of 48”. The Multi level cutting and automatic transmission with 12 Volt electric start engine ensure low noise level and optimum performance.


  • Easy to handle

  • Can withstand adverse working condition

  • Convenient for Lawn & garden cutting


  Rotary Slasher

Available with us is a comprehensive Range of Rotary Slasher that comprises the tractor-driven shrub master. This machine is equipped with swing back steel blades, which can easily cut wild grass, shrubs, weeds and sugar cane stacks.

   Garden Roller

Our product line includes garden rollers, which are driven manually, by hand, and ideally suited for paths, playground, tennis courts, and cricket pitches. These can be procured in two models – one having mild steel plates and other using cast iron in its structure.

Given below are details of the models available under this range:

-- Size 600 X 450 cm, approximate weight 250 kg
-- Size 750 X 600 cm, approximate weight 500 kg
-- Size 900 X 750 cm, approximate weight 1000 kg
-- Available in two types MS Plates and Cast Iron.
-- Also available in 1500 kg and 2000 kg weights

   Double Wheel Barrow

Double Wheel Barrow Ours is the Single PAN Trolley which is made of G I Sheet & not get rusted ever & totally dismantalable. Made of heavy 18 gauge sheet with big & heavy rubber bonded wheels

   Single Wheel Trolley

Single Wheel Trolley made of Single Pan of G I Sheet

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